A Big Announcement

Very, very soon we are launching some new resources I’m really excited about! Over the past six months we took our Gospel Patrons film crew on the road to Atlanta, Dallas, and Oklahoma City.

I had the privilege of interviewing business and ministry leaders. We filmed them in their homes, at their offices, on a morning run, and with their families.

I wanted to be able to take you behind-the-scenes to show you the experiences that shaped a few of the men and women living out this message today.

These are people who believe that generosity is our only reasonable response to a God who generously gave us his one and only son. 

We also invited several Gospel Patrons from different global cities to write about their own journey of generosity, their key habits, and what they wish they knew when they were 25. Through it all, I’ve received an amazing education from some extraordinary people and I’m thrilled to be able share it all with you.

We’ve had an excellent team of people working hard on these projects for months as well as faithful prayer warriors lifting us up and most of all an incomparable God who has opened doors, orchestrated introductions, and given us powerful stories to tell.

And because of God’s generous provision for us, all of these resources will be available for free! I’m really, really excited because I believe these resources will encourage and inspire you in your walk with Jesus and the part he has for you to play in your corner of the world.

Grateful to serve you…Stay tuned…It’s coming soon,


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One thought on “A Big Announcement

  1. Hey John – Congratulations! This is really exciting news. Looking forward to seeing the new videos and resources you’ve created. Thankful for your leadership in this important area.

    Your brother in Christ,