Hello! I am John Rinehart and I live in California with my wonderful wife and two delightful children.

I wrote a book called Gospel Patrons and really enjoy encouraging others with it, but the most important thing about me is that Jesus saved me.


I was a 7 year-old boy at a summer camp in Central Minnesota and the gospel came to me from a camp worker in simple language even a little kid could understand. Since then my life has been a journey of learning to live for the one who died for me.

Two years into my business career with Lanier Worldwide, I began to sense a deep desire to make a different contribution to the world. What followed was an unexpected turn to pursue a Master of Divinity degree, then a 5-month trip around the world, and finally a book project on the beautiful part businesspeople can play in the advance of the gospel.

Now I speak and write full-time and am thrilled to come alongside business and ministry leaders who are pursuing a passion for Jesus and their part to play His kingdom.

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There are many good things that need to be done in our world and many good causes that need support, but telling everyone everywhere about Jesus is the most loving thing we can do…and the most lasting.

So I want to help us all find our parts to play in this great mission. This is our response to God’s amazing grace in Jesus Christ. This is how we glorify God.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. John,
    I was at the Jesus film conference where you spoke and you gave reference to Deitrick Bonhoeffer’s take on the creation story of that of a restaurant owner that I thought was wonderful. I am a pastor in Castle Rock Colorado and was wondering if you can send me that source where Bonhoeffer gave that metaphor. I have google it with no luck.

    I was hoping to use that Metaphor for my upcoming Resurrection services this weekend.

    Pastor David Love

    I also have read your book Gospel Patrons and I had never heard of Lady Huntington or Monmouth and wow that certainly adds to God’s story of advancing the gospel. Great book.

  2. I read your book on a flight from Orange County to Orlando a coupe of months ago, then heard your presentations at the JESUS Film briefing in Nassau. I’ve benefited greatly. Please add me to your weekly emails