Gospel Patrons are people who believe that a great life is not measured by what we gain, but by what we give our lives to accomplish.

This book tells three stories of Gospel Patrons whose generosity was a catalyst for great movements of God. Their examples invite us to:

  •      Find our parts to play in God’s kingdom
  •      Give our lives to what matters most
  •      Live for a lasting legacy

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International Praise for Gospel Patrons


John Rinehart has dug deep and meticulously researched three unknown but truly remarkable people who remind us that generous people served and still serve God’s kingdom in quiet, sacrificial and practical ways. A passion for the gospel joined with sacrificial generosity powerfully furthers God’s kingdom!
CEO of Stewardship, London

We know the names William Tyndale and John Newton, but we don’t know the names Humphrey Monmouth and John Thornton, the men who under God earned the money that financed their great works. I was deeply moved by the heart and choices of these benefactors and have sent 20 copies of this book to men with means, who I pray will be similarly inspired.
Senior Minister of All Souls, Langham Place and Founder of Christianity Explored

This splendid book provides great encouragement to Christians to maximise their resources for gospel ministry. It is not only challenging, but also inspiring.  May God use it to raise up a generation of Gospel Patrons.
Rector of St Helen’s Church Bishopsgate, London

This is a stirring account of some of the great unsung heroes of the faith, whose hidden sacrificial giving has been so crucial in the work of evangelism. I pray the Lord will use it to inspire a new generation of Gospel Patrons.
Rector of St Ebbe’s, Oxford and Director of the Proclamation Trust

John Rinehart draws our attention to the vital role played by the often comparatively unknown sponsors of well-known gospel servants. Through their quiet generosity, these Gospel Patrons helped to change the world.
Director of The John Newton Project

John Rinehart presents us with a vision of enormous potential for gospel usefulness. Let us take up the challenge to become generous and focused in our support for front-line Christian workers so that we experience the joy in seeing Christ’s cause advance both in our own countries and in some of the far-flung places of the earth.
Author of “Selina Countess of Huntingdon”

John Rinehart has given us a wonderfully stirring portrait of gospel partnerships used mightily by God at key turning points in evangelical history. This is a great model for Gospel Patronage today, for we urgently need new generations of courageous preachers. And they in turn need the sacrificial sponsorship and friendship of patrons who share the same burden for lost souls and love for the Saviour.
Author of “The Trellis and the Vine”and CEO of Vinegrowers

You could read this heart-warming book by John Rinehart and love the gospel. You could read it and long to spread the gospel. But if you read it and join that great line of “Gospel Patrons” — some are described in this book — the world will (seriously) not be the same again.
Senior Minister, St Thomas’ Anglican Church, North Sydney, Australia

Gospel Patrons are about changing people’s eternal destiny. If we are to take the gospel to a dying world, we desperately need a new generation of deliberate, generous, and joyful men and women who will be patrons and partners in gospel preaching. This book not only gives examples of how God has used Gospel Patrons in past centuries, but it also challenges a new generation to step up into being patrons.
Director of the Geneva Push church-planting network and Chairman of Katoomba Christian Convention, Sydney, Australia

“I love reading stories of ordinary people who do extraordinary things for the Kingdom of God. There are 3 well-known giants of the faith who appear in John Rinehart’s book, and it is always inspiring to be reminded of how these people changed our world. John helps us to discover the journey wherein we can develop the passion of Gospel Patrons and become the kind of people God uses to change the world. Some books stay on my shelf for a short time and get passed along to others and some stay on the shelf to be read again and again – this is one such book.”
Executive Director of Canadian National Christian Foundation

south african
“It is incredible that our great God uses us as part of His story. I’m a preacher in South Africa and I thank God for many patrons who work alongside me to spread His word. These gospel partnerships throughout the centuries are how God makes His glorious gospel known. May many more patrons be raised up so that souls may be saved and the name of our Lord Jesus be glorified.”
Pastor of Christ Church Waterkloof

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