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Gospel Patrons (Audiobook) JR-Blog_audio-book

In less time than your flight from New York to LA you can listen to the audiobook of Gospel Patrons read by the author.

Click below to play or download the audio files and be inspired to step out, take risks, and live for what matters most.

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What is a Gospel Patron?

On a recent trip to Sydney, Australia, I was interviewed by a well-known Australian interviewer, Karl Faase of Olive Tree Media on:

  •      What is a Gospel Patron?
  •      Is Gospel Patronage a modern-day idea?
  •      What’s the difference between a person who gives and a Gospel Patron?
  •      Why would you encourage someone to consider being a Gospel Patron?

Click here for part 2: “How have Gospel Patrons Influenced History?” and part 3: “Why be a Gospel Patron?

How Much Money Is Enough?

When the CEO of a $250 Million company chooses to cap his salary because “It’s so much more fulfilling to be a kingdom investor, than a consumer”…that’s extraordinary! Everyone should hear Alan Barnhart’s amazing testimony.

All In

Chip Ingram has a powerful perspective on generosity, especially his poker illustration beginning at the 7:23 mark. Check it out.

Work Like A Doctor, Live Like A Nurse

The surprising journey of one woman who said “Yes” to Jesus and found more joy in learning to be generous than she could have ever imagined.

Drive by Conversations

This was a fun interview with Bryan Fellar of National Christian Foundation.

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  1. John, we met you at LAM vision gathering. We d like to buy another book. Will u tell us how to do that? Just listened to Allen Barnhart. He & his parents are friends:). Thanks for what u r doing for the Kingdom!