Welcome to my speaking page! I’m honored that you’d stop by and get to know me a little bit better.

I understand that finding the right speaker for your event can be a challenge. When a speaker hits the bull’s-eye an event can be a huge success, but if they’re off target, well … it can be trouble.

I want to make your job easier. I’ve set up this page to help answer your questions and make this simpler. Overall, my aim as a speaker is to serve you and the people God has given you to lead. I want come alongside the objectives you have for your event to help get the win you’re looking for.

What You Can Expect

When you invite me to speak, here are five things you can expect from me:

  •      Prompt and personal replies to your phone calls and emails.
  •      A blurb about your event on my social media.
  •      A dynamic presentation tailored to your objectives, organization, and audience.
  •      1-on-1 engagement with the audience after the presentation.
  •      A short follow-up contact after the event to make sure I met your expectations.

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My Background

Two years into my business career with Lanier Worldwide, I began to sense a deep desire to make a different contribution to the world and to God’s kingdom. What followed was an unexpected adventure that led to a Master of Divinity degree from Talbot School of Theology, a 5-month trip around the world, and a book project on the beautiful part businesspeople can play in God’s kingdom.

Now I speak and write full-time, helping ministries, churches, and individuals advance the gospel and accomplish the good works God has given them to do. My aim is to inspire business and ministry leaders to pursue a passion for Jesus and find their part to play in the Great Commission.

I have been married to my high-school sweetheart Renée for twelve years and we live in Fullerton, California—near Disneyland—with our six year-old daughter and five year-old son. We spend most of our free time with our kids, our friends, and our church, but also really enjoy a good book, a long workout, and a new country to explore.

My Speaking Engagements

Here are some examples of the events where I’ve spoken:


  •      Eternal Life Ministries (Seattle, Washington)
  •      Willow Creek Association (Chicago)
  •      BSC Wealth Management – Private Event (Chicago)
  •      Generous Giving’s Celebration of Generosity (Carlsbad, California)
  •      Real Business (Long Beach, California)
  •      Wycliffe’s President’s Forum (Orlando, Florida)
  •      Living Way Church (Los Angeles, California)
  •      Beach Bible Church (Huntington Beach, California)


  •      Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association President’s Summit (Sandestin, Florida)
  •      Life Action Ministry’s Vision Gathering (Orlando, Florida)
  •      The Jesus Film Briefing Weekend (The Bahamas)
  •      The Seed Company’s illumiNations Conference (Laguna Beach, California)
  •      Generous Giving Conference (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
  •      Revive Conference (Canterbury, England)
  •      Co-Mission Event (London, England)
  •      St. Helen’s Bishopsgate Event (London, England)
  •      St. Michael’s Fulwell Church (London, England)
  •      The Jesus Film Briefing Weekend (Carlsbad, California)
  •      Generous Journey Retreat (London, England)


  •      Generous Giving’s Celebration of Generosity Conference (Atlanta, GA)
  •      Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fund-Raising Dinner (Raleigh, NC)
  •      Celebration of Generosity Conference (Singapore)
  •      Inspiring Gospel Patrons Special Event (Sydney, Australia)
  •      Gospel Patrons Society’s Annual Banquet (Sydney, Australia)
  •      Advisors With Purpose Conference (Toronto, Canada)
  •      Faith Church— The Reach Project (Dyer, Indiana)
  •      The Barnabas Group (San Diego & Orange County, California)
  •      Work, Wealth & Witness Conference (New Delhi, India)

My Most Requested Topics

  • Inspiring Gospel Patrons: Some of history’s greatest heroes were not just the missionaries and preachers, but people often gifted in business, making-money, and generosity. In this presentation I share the stories of these Gospel Patrons from history to help us see that a great life is not built on what you gain, but on what you give your life to accomplish. Their examples inspire us to focus our lives on the things that matter most and to step out, take risks, and find our parts to play in the great works of God in our generation.
  • The Generosity Of God: The worst day of human history was the day we stopped believing God is generous. That was the first lie that entered the world and I think we can easily believe that lie today. But at the heart of the Bible is the powerful message of God’s generosity towards us: “For God so loved he gave…” We see it in creation and we see it at the cross. In this talk I show from Scripture that our God is abundantly generous towards us and how this changes everything.
  • Pursuing A Passion For Jesus Christ: Our lives are driven by either pressure or passion. What we fear most or love most will be the most powerful force in our lives. In order for us to live the lives God is calling us to live, what we need most is to overcome our fears and rekindle a fresh passion for Jesus. In this presentation I call us back to the heart of Christianity by focusing on who Jesus is, what He’s done for us, and why that matters for our lives today.

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