The Moment Every Wealthy Person Has Experienced

There’s a moment every wealthy person has experienced. They may not talk about it. They may not even realize it. In fact, it’s probably not the story they tell. But it happened and it changed everything.

The one thing I know about that moment for you is that it was way beyond your control. You may have steered your parachute, but you were riding on someone else’s wind. 

It happened when a successful businessperson took an interest in your career and was willing to mentor you. Why you? You don’t know.

You got a big break at an undeserved time. You were the low man on the org chart, the third string player. It didn’t make any sense, but your number got called and that changed the course of your life.

You were born into a family with wealth. You didn’t choose it. It was just your lot and as a result opportunity after opportunity has come your way.

You got accepted into a school that opened many new doors for you. You may not have had the grades for it, but that one moment set in motion a path you could have never expected.

You met a friend of a friend who became your business partner. Your networking skills didn’t do it, it just happened. And this new partnership accelerated your growth.

You had a boss who liked you and put you in a position to succeed. You couldn’t have engineered it, but it was a game-changer. 

You invested big at the perfect time, right before the boom, the split or the spike. How did you know it would play out like that? The truth is you didn’t. But it worked out in your favor.

You sold your business, but then the new owner folded and you got all your clients back. That was not in your plan, but it absolutely unlocked the next season of your success.

The investors backed you when others were equally deserving. And that was the tipping point for everything that has come since.

Your Moment = God’s Grace

Whatever that moment was for you, I want you to see it as God’s grace to you. God intervened in your story when he didn’t have to. He flipped the script. He changed your circumstances and because of it you prospered. The Bible tells us it wasn’t random or it wasn’t you, it was God:

“You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth…” (Deuteronomy 8:18)

The command in this verse is to remember. Can you remember your moment? Can you think back to what happened for you? God wants you to remember he’s the one who put the wind in your sails. He made your moment happen. 

God’s Grace —> Your Purpose 

God’s favor comes for God’s purposes. God chose to bless you, like Abraham, so that you would be a blessing to others. Not all that falls into your lap is supposed to stay there. Much of what ends up in your hands is supposed to pass through your hands to others.

Instead of forgetting your moment, instead of thinking it’s been all up to you, or will be in the future, remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth.

Remembering your moment is the highway to humility. Understanding your moment is the pathway to your purpose. Appreciating your moment is the gratitude that leads to a life of generosity.

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